Our ‘Ninja Kids’ program is designed to help them grow into confident, focused, and empowered young adults!

We provide a safe and controlled environment for students to train in with passionate and highly skilled teachers that will be there every step of the way.

We aim to deliver the finest quality instruction while ensuring that training is fun and easy to understand for all ages (5yrs+).

Q What is Taijutsu?

Taijutsu is a modernised martial art and self defence system with practicality and self-protection as it's main focus.

Our linage and fundamentals come from ancient Samurai and Ninja combative styles where we take these century-old principles and concepts, and translate them into todays world.

Techniques you will learn:
- Effective striking: Punching and kicking
- Blocking and counter movements
- Throws, takedowns, sweeps
- Joint locks
- Restraint holds
- Chokes
- Ground defences
- Pressure points and vital areas
- Situational awareness
- Agility, speed, power, flexibility, and strength training
- Weapons training
- Self defence concepts
- Protection of others
- Meditation

Mind, Body, and Spirit.
Mind = Enhancing your education and knowledge
Body = Developing your body to operate at it's peak performance
Spirit = Unlocking your unlimited human potential

If there is something we haven't covered here that you would like to explore, please let us know!

Q How do I book into a class?

Please call or SMS 0432 330 053 to speak with our friendly instructors to organise a time; be sure to include your name and class wishing to attend.

Q What do I need to bring for my first session?

Please wear comfortable clothing such as gym workout gear, thongs for going off and on the matt (we train in bare feat), a water bottle, and a small towel to dry off.

Kids classes; please wear a black t-shirt or ask to borrow one of our spare uniforms.

If you would like to purchase a uniform please see our friendly staff.

Q I work away a lot, the Direct Debit doesn't suit me, is there another option?

Option 1: $220 – for a 10 session pack.
Option 2: Drop in sessions. $25 / class. Please still phone and book your place as classes do fill up.

Q What is the minimum Age to begin taking classes?

We accept students from age 5-12yrs for kids classes.

If you child is under 5yrs, please contact us with your interest to join our waiting list and we will contact you after their 5th birthday.

Q Is there any expiry date on the 10 session package? and can I extend this date if I am not going to use them in time?

The package has an expiry date on issue of 6 months, although this can be extended if you talk to one of our instructors and advise them.

Q Can I cancel at any time with the Direct Debit, or is there any contract?

There is no minimum term on direct debit. Thereafter, you can cancel anytime with two weeks with notice via email.

Q What happens if I'm injured or go on holiday- can i stop direct debit payments?

For members on an Unlimited membership, you will be able to freeze payments for extended holidays or injuries.

Make up classes can be done for missed classes due to illness.

Notification by email is required.

Q What if I need to drop my child off and come back after class, is that ok?

Yes that is totally fine, just let us know when you arrive that you need to come back after class.

Q Do I have to book in for a class?

Bookings prior to classes is essential. It is possible to book in multiple classes up to 14 days in advance.

Q I am not very fit, will I be able to keep up with the classes? And which is the best session time for beginners?

Yes our classes cater for beginners, the very fit and the soon to be fit. All exercises in the class are timed, so you do what you can.

As you go to more classes your fitness level will improve and you will find yourself doing more in the time given. If you want to be pushed let the instructor know and they will get you going

Q I want to improve my technique, do instructors work closely with us to ensure we are kicking and punching correctly?

If you are wanting additional and continued input into improving your technique, please just let the instructor know and they will work closely with you to make improvements as they go around.

We also provide private lessons outside class times if you wish to have specialist attention and improve further, just mention your interest to your instructor for more info.

Q Is one session a week enough to lose weight and improve my cardio?

More sessions are obviously better; we recommend three classes per week for best results. However if you are training once a week in addition to other forms of exercise, even cardio walking twice a week for example, you’ll notice a change – this in conjunction with a healthy diet of course!

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